Silver Monthly Membership Details.

  • The Silver package includes 5 hours per month, one hour use every visit.
  • Minimum 3 months membership is due at signing.
  • Accompanied playing guest is $5/hour.
  • Operator charge if required ($10) is not inclusive in the membership.
  • Members are allowed max 1 hour use of facility per day.
  • CSZ immediately earns the initiation and processing fees ($15) along with the first and the last month dues when you buy your membership.
  • Reservations/bookings are REQUIRED.
  • Reservations would be kept for 10 minutes before re-assigning and no show would be subjected to deletion of 1 hour from the monthly hours.
  • Reservations cannot be cancelled within 24 hours and any cancellation would be subjected to deduction of 1 hour from monthly membership.
  • Members would be given a punch card and are required to carry it during the visit to CSZ and they are required to sign in @ the register for regulating memberships.
  • Membership restriction on usage during peak hours ( 5-10 ) on weekdays.
  • All members are required to wear protective cricketing gears including but not limited to helmet, abdominal guard/supporter, pads, gloves thigh pad, chest guard and arm guard during batting practice. NO EXCEPTION TO THIS RULE.
  • Cricket Strike Zone is not liable for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of inherent risks associated with the use of this facility.