Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations CSZ

  1. This indoor facility is primarily intended for sporting use.
  2. Each lane has a limit of maximum of 5 players. Only exception is during Coaching and team practices.
  3. Cricket Strike Zone is not liable for accidents or injuries that may occur as a result of inherent risk associated with the rental use of the facility.
  4. Use of alcohol, chewing gum and tobacco is strictly prohibited on the premises.
  5. Use of cricket whites is highly recommended, however proper athletic attire is required by players at all times. Loose clothing, Jeans, baggy pants, cultural clothing, boots, dress shoes, metal spikes etc and any gear that could potentially harm the turf or netting is prohibited.
  6. Reservations are required recommended. No Refunds on any Lane or tunnel reservations, if 48 hours notice is provided, we will allow you to move your reservation to another date and time.
  7. CSZ is not responsible for loss of personal property including cell phones, iPods, watches and members are requested to turn in any found item to the staff to add to lost and found box.
  8. Members are requested to be courteous while using the restroom.
  9. Individual members are completely responsible for any damage caused within the indoor facility and would be deemed liable for the cost of replacement of damaged property.
  10. Violation of the above rules and regulations and non compliance with staff instructions can lead to being escorted off the premises as well as being banned from the facility.
  11. Cricket Strike Zone reserves the right to change the introductory price any time